Let’s go even deeper…
Curved Marvin, Dadinho, Danéle Fortressque, Freya, Mikko, Noir So, Pierrot, Rod Hardick
Gangbang, Hetero

Back for its fourth installment, HardWerk’s interview-cum-gang bang docuseries continues to probe deeper, push limits and expose even more – as in the interview, so in the fucking – which, as it turns out, is exactly how lead performer Freya likes it. Well, with a little oil, a lot of sweat, and an ass stuffed as full of cock as her mouth… With Freya no stranger to group sex, Berlin’s hedonistic kink culture or relinquishing control in the pursuit of pleasure, it’s in the intersection of all three, blindfolded and breathless, that the deviancy of ‘dare’ finds its final form – irrevocable, brutal, blissful – in ‘truth’.