Bishop Black, Hunter S. Johnson, Kali Sudhra, Kinky Panda, Master Aaron, Sam Bourne
Bisexual, Gangbang

You could say that tradition and established institutions lie at the core of Hardwerk’s Bride Gang: Kali Sudhra as the soon-to-be newlywed in her virginal white wedding dress, the flowing beer, rattling pinball machines, nicotine-stained-and-deep-rooted machismo and lackadaisical regulars of the typical German Eckkneipe (corner bar)… You could say so that but, of course, it comes as no surprise that the associated tropes and clichés become a playground for subversion in this inspired piece of smut. The filmmakers also give porn itself – in some ways as entrenched in convention – the same treatment, queering the heteronormativity of the gang bang, empowering female performers to ask for exactly what they want and pushing the genre into an amalgamation of inspirations and aesthetics that elevate it on every level. This might not be your dream wedding day but it’s definitely the one you fantasise about.