And God saw what She had made, and it was good…
Bishop Black, Master Aaron, Nils, Noir So, Rod Hardick, Serafina Sky
Bisexual, Gangbang

It was only a matter of time before HardWerk released a bisexual gang bang of biblical proportions, with their ‘Creator’-centric approach landing the latest release – starring Serafina Sky – in a modern-day Eden. For the masters of sex and celluloid, the fecund fuckfest of a film is a delightfully visceral ode to forbidden fruit, carnal lust and, oh yeah, the classic porn trope of the pizza delivery guy – that is, ascended to heavenly spheres. As this allegorical Eve answers the door again and again to a growing and enraptured throng of eager Adams, succumbing to temptation becomes about as inevitable as all the other sucking and cumming to follow. With a captivating soundtrack by xaudiox, this lush encounter teems with erotic energy, fluid group dynamics and tongue-in-cheek symbolism. A little sin has never looked – or felt – sweeter.