Maid for your pleasure
Lila, Maya Sin, Mike, Rod Hardick

The tinny static crackle of a radio tuned into another lifetime, the delicate flutter of a lace curtain and the sharp smack of a latex-gloved palm against sweetly supplicant flesh… A dreamy 1920s-style hotel masquerade meets hardcore fucking and modern fetish in HardWerk’s latest and most intricately composed gang bang, though it’s the interplay between domination and submission that is the most intoxicating contradiction at the pulsating heart of this film. Conceptualized based on lead performer Lila’s fantasy of finding herself at the mercy of a domina who offers her to the gang, it’s under the encouraging but absolute authority of Mistress Maya Sin that the action unfolds. In the gasping breath between being redirected from one hard cock to the next and a dynamic in which even the bangers are mere props in a game, the film is a surreal foray into both another time and the deeply visceral here-and-now, and – most keenly – into power, pleasure and the intensity of surrender.