Triptychon IV

Deep Dark Dance
Bishop Black, Curved Marvin, Jasko Fide, Noir So
Gangbang, Hetero

As the saying goes, ‚good things come in threes’. Such is the spirit of HardWerk’s Triptychon series, the format inspired by the classical triptych format that allows for a new perspective on porn viewing without missing an angle. After the first trilogy of Triptychons, the first instalment of the second trilogy brings us the rawness and dark aesthetics of Berlin sex clubs by choice of leading performer Jasko Fide, who desired fishnets in her first-ever gangbang. The roughness and kinkiness of this encounter are only contested by the palpable intimacy and connection of all the participants, accompanied by a live recorded soundtrack by artist Sky Deep. Triptychon IV is the darkroom where classic art meets its divine perversion.