Magical Dark Room
Curved Marvin, Delfine Dahlia, Muriel la Roja, Rod Hardick
Bisexual, Gangbang, Hetero, Lesbian

The second film in the second HardWerk Triptychon trilogy explores the dark aesthetics of berlin sex clubs further, bringing us to a different kind of dark room. The protagonist Muriel La Roja, who we knew as a banger on Beer & Loving with las Bangers, orchestrates her bang after the beat of her desire. Choosing a queer bangers’ constellation, she is accompanied by Delfine Dahlia, Curved Marvin and Rod Hardick , the four of them melting into a passionate, sensual, deeply magical trance of touch and pleasure. Dive in this whirl of lust by the hand of Sky Deeps live recorded soundtrack. Triptychon V is the epitome of hardcore softness.