Benefits of Masturbation

What’s the origin of #MasturbationMay? 

May is the month of masturbation but, do you know the origin of this? The person behind this claim was Dr. Jocelyn Elder, who was the first African American and second woman to be titled Surgeon General in the US. 

In 1995, she advocated for masturbation to be added into sex education politics. At that time, sex-ed was not focused on pleasure and health and did not embrace people from diverse identities. 

She was forced to retire by the Clinton Administration but Good Vibrations, a sex toy and educational brand, established 7th May as National Masturbation Day, which lately extended to all month. 

What are the benefits of masturbation? 

It helps you to sleep better 

Masturbation can help you with insomnia. Forget about pills, there is no more pleasurable way to relax and to achieve a deep and restful sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, lie on your bed and let your imagination fly. An orgasm is everyone’s best friend. 

Say goodbye to stress 

Are you feeling stressed? MASTURBATE! Masturbation helps to reduce accumulated tensions or stress but also makes you feel happier. It releases dopamine, a natural drug related to the desire and expectations of pleasure. The result is like a natural 'high'!

It can help with period cramps 

Do you suffer from cramps in your period? Forget about ibuprofen and hot water bottles. Nothing like an orgasm to release a large number of hormones responsible for pleasure that act in the brain as natural analgesics and anxiolytics. 

Self pleasure helps to get to know yourself 

Nobody can know yourself better than you do. Masturbation can help you to get to know yourself better, to discover what gives you pleasure, what turns you on and which fantasies would you like to fullfill. 

Take time for yourself, use your imagination or watch a HardWerk film and have fun! 

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away 

Did you know that masturbation can help to improve your immune system? It can prevent infections and can make you feel healthier. It can also prevent prostate cancer, as the higher the frequency of ejaculations, the lower the probability of developing this disease. 

It will improve your sexual encounters 

As we have said before, masturbation can help you to get to know yourself better. That way you will feel more confident when you fuck with somebody else. Masturbating regularly won’t affect to your sexual relations, otherwise, it will improve them. 

It’s a great way to exercise 

Did you know that an orgasm can burn up to 27 calories? It is a great way to do cardio exercise. You will feel absolutely great after! 

Do you need any more reasons to masturbate? Why not start a 30 days challenge and tell us about the results afterwards? 

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We have told you about the benefits of masturbation and how it can help you with your sex life. 

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