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Introduction to Latex

You wake up and stare at the shiny, skin-tight second skin hanging in your closet. It's time to slip into something a little more...latex. That's right, it's your favourite PVC catsuit calling. Squeeze into its sensuous embrace and feel the power course through your veins. Latex care 101 time. Follow these tips and unleash your inner latex goddess, ready to take on the world in head-to-toe rubber. Shine on. 

Introduction to Latex: The Second Skin That Empowers You

Do you want to feel powerful and sexy? Latex is for you. This tight second skin gives you a feeling of strength that prepares you for anything.

Feel Your Inner Power

When you put on that tight latex garment, your attitude changes. You feel bold, ready to face any challenge. That feeling of strength empowers you and makes you feel capable of achieving anything. Did you know that superheroes wear latex? Well, now you too can channel your inner power with this material.

Release Your Sensuality

The latex adheres to every curve of your body, highlighting your attributes and making you feel ultra feminine. You know you look amazing and that confidence shows in your movements. Your sensuality flows freely when you wear latex. Get ready for a night of unbridled passion with your lover.

Dare to Try

If you have never used latex, it is time for you to dare. Start with something basic like shorts or a miniskirt and gradually try more daring pieces as you feel more comfortable. Latex adapts perfectly to your body and gives you mobility, so don't be afraid, dare to feel the power. Let your sensuality emerge and enjoy discovering this new side of yourself. Latex is waiting for you. 

Ready to try it? Check LUPAE, a unique latex specialised store based in Berlin that will blow your mind! 

How to wear latex

Friend, it's time to embrace your sexy side. And nothing does it better than latex. Feel its tight and shiny texture enveloping every curve of your body. It is designed to enhance, accentuate and showcase, all at the same time.

But don't be scared, latex is not just for professionals. Anyone can wear this hypnotic material. Just follow these tips:

  1. Start with a basic item of clothing like shorts, a t-shirt, or a fitted dress. Choose a vibrant color like bright red or electric blue. A striking piece that makes you feel powerful every time you look at it. Then, accessorize your outfit with latex accessories, such as gloves, corset, or boots.
  2. Be sure to use a silicone-based lubricant to glide on your clothes. Take your time and enjoy dressing. There is no rush when it comes to latex.
  3. Once you're in, move around, pose, and yes, tie up loose ends. You will want to look perfect. But don't worry if an air bubble sneaks in, it's part of the charm.
  4. And lastly, ATTITUDE. Walk with confidence, smile flirtatiously and project the confidence that all eyes are on you. Because with that latex tight to your body, they will be!

Friend, embrace the feeling of power that latex gives you. Feel its curves, its texture, the way it empowers you. Today, you are a goddess.

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