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Outdoor Sex Advice: Answering Common FAQs

Outdoor Sex Advice: Answering Common FAQs

So you want to get frisky in the great outdoors, do you? Kudos for thinking outside the box—and the bedroom! Before you start ripping each other’s clothes off in a secluded meadow, though, there are a few things you should consider.

What should we bring?

A blanket, for starters. No one wants a twig in their tush or grass stains in unmentionable places. Pack some wipes, towels, lube, protection, and a first aid kit. You’ll also want snacks, water, a charged phone, cash, ID, and anything else you’d normally have for a day outside. Except clothes—you won’t be needing those!

How do we stay hidden?

Scope out the location ahead of time. Look for dense brush, trees, dunes or other natural barriers that will obscure you from view. If it’s a popular area, go off-trail. The key is to stay out of sight and avoid paths where passersby might stumble upon your shenanigans. And for heaven’s sake, keep the noise down! The sounds of nature should cover most ambient moans and groans, but shrieking at the top of your lungs is a dead giveaway.

What about bugs and dirt?

Insects are an occupational hazard, so use insect repellant and avoid heavily wooded spots with stagnant water. As for dirt, embrace it! Shower together after to wash off any grass stains, twigs, and other debris. Outdoor sex should be spontaneous and carefree. Worrying too much about messiness defeats the purpose. Just throw down your blanket and go with the flow. Mother Nature will clean up after you’re done!

How can we stay safe and have fun?

The key is using common sense. Choose a secluded spot, let someone know where you’re going, watch out for environmental hazards, and take standard safety precautions. Relax, go slowly, laugh with each other, and appreciate the thrill of connecting somewhere new. Getting frisky in the great outdoors can be a liberating experience if you simply let loose, embrace the adventure, and follow your instincts. Just make sure your instincts lead you somewhere private!

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