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Have you ever felt that sexual impulse during a night out?

TRIPTYCHON V explores the dark aesthetics of berlin sex clubs further, bringing us to a different kind of dark room. The protagonist Muriel La Roja, who we knew as a banger on Beer & Loving with las Bangers, orchestrates her bang after the beat of her desire. Choosing a queer bangers’ constellation, she is accompanied by Delfine Dahlia, Curved Marvin and Rod Hardick , the four of them melting into a passionate, sensual, deeply magical trance of touch and pleasure. Dive in this whirl of lust by the hand of Sky Deeps live recorded soundtrack. 

You're in Berlin, land of progressive beats and mind-bending parties. You came for the techno, the dancing, the scene. You want the clubs that go hard till dawn, with DJs spinning aggressive techno and industrial tracks at volumes that make your heart thump in time with the bass. You crave the clubs where tattooed bartenders pour drinks as potent as the music, and spaces so dark and hazy you lose yourself in the crowd. Berlin’s nightlife is legendary for a reason, and you’re here to experience the city’s most hardcore clubs. From underground institutions to derelict warehouses, these clubs will test the limits of your stamina and how long you can keep dancing. Are you ready for a long night of pounding beats and pounding hearts? Berlin awaits.

Berlin's Club Scene: A City That Never Sleeps

Berlin is known for its vibrant nightlife and world-class club scene. If you're looking to experience the city's after-hours culture, here are some of the hottest spots to check out:


This massive concrete building is the holy grail of techno clubs. Getting in is notoriously difficult, but if you make it past the bouncers, you'll be rewarded with a sound system that will rattle your bones and DJs that spin well into Monday morning.

  • Dress all in black, avoid flashy logos or bright colors.

  • Don't be drunk or act aggressively. Bouncers prefer a laid-back, authentic vibe.

  • Be ready to wait in a long line, and there's still no guarantee you'll get in. But the thrill of trying is part of the experience!

Kater Blau

This 24-hour club is located in a former bus depot and hosts parties that go all weekend long. They feature house and techno DJs, art installations, and multiple dance floors. The crowd is eclectic and inclusive.

  • Outdoor spaces to chill and recharge mean you can easily spend 12+ hours here.

  • Check their event schedule since each party has a different theme and dress code.

With its liberal spirit and anything-goes attitude, Berlin fosters a club culture unlike anywhere else. Dancing until sunrise surrounded by passionate music lovers from all over the world creates a sense of connection and community you have to experience firsthand. Are you ready to pound the pavement and make some unforgettable memories? Berlin's hardcore club scene awaits!

KitKatClub: Indulge Your Wildest Fantasies

Want to experience Berlin's anything-goes nightlife? Head to the legendary KitKatClub. This hardcore techno club is open almost every weekend, pulling in partygoers from all over Europe who come for the pounding beats and sexually charged atmosphere.

Once you're inside the massive converted warehouse, pretty much anything goes on the dance floor and in the chill-out spaces. Revealing and fetish-inspired outfits are the norm, so leave your inhibitions at the door. The music is intense, industrial techno that will rattle your bones.

  • On the main floor, DJs pump out hardcore electronic music all night while lasers flash and smoke swirls.

  • Head to the kitkatcafe for a break where you can get a drink, chat with new friends, or watch the action from the balconies above.

  • As the night goes on, more spaces open up with different music styles like electro-pop, nu-disco or drum and bass.

No need to go it alone, either. The KitKatClub attracts open-minded people of all genders, relationship statuses and experience levels. Singles, couples and groups of friends all feel comfortable together on the dance floor.

Whether you're looking to get wild, find a fling, or just dance the night away, the KitKatClub is a rite of passage for anyone wanting an uninhibited Berlin nightlife experience. So grab your sexiest outfit, an open mind, and go indulge your wildest fantasies in this hedonistic playground.

Berghain: Where Techno and Debauchery Reign Supreme

Berghain is Berlin's premier techno club, known for its hardcore electronic beats and anything-goes atmosphere. Housed in a massive former power plant, Berghain is an institution for clubbers looking to party from Saturday night straight through to Monday morning.

Once you make it past the notoriously selective bouncers, a dark, cavernous space awaits. The main dance floor is surrounded by concrete walls and illuminated only by strobe lights, giving it a delightfully post-apocalyptic vibe. Two earsplitting Funktion-One soundsystems blast techno from some of the world's top DJs, like Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, and Ellen Allien.

  • Lose yourself on the packed dance floor surrounded by gyrating bodies and pumping fists.

  • Take a breather on the more relaxed Panorama Bar upstairs, with wrap-around windows offering views of the sunrise over Berlin's skyline.

  • Explore the dark recesses and hidden corners of the sprawling club, where people get up to all sorts of debauchery.

  • Berghain is known for its free sexuality and hedonism, so open-mindedness is a must.

Berghain is not for the faint of heart, but for hardcore techno fans and clubbing fiends, it's a rite of passage. The potent combination of pounding beats and adrenaline make for an unforgettable experience in one of the world's best nightclubs. Just don't forget to pace yourself - the best nights at Berghain often don't end until well into Monday morning!

The key is to arrive with an open mind, comfortable shoes, and the stamina to keep dancing for hours on end. Berghain may be an institution, but it earned its status by valuing the experience of its devoted fans above all else. Lose yourself in the music and energy, and you'll understand why Berghain remains at the pinnacle of Berlin's clubbing scene.

Insomnia: Berlin's Premier Fetish Club

If you're looking for an unforgettable night of dancing and debauchery, Insomnia should be at the top of your list. Berlin's most famous fetish club, Insomnia is open every Friday and Saturday night, featuring multiple floors of pounding techno and house music.

Once you make your way past the bouncers, be prepared to leave your inhibitions at the door. Insomnia embraces people of all sexualities and welcomes risqué outfits and behavior. Many clubgoers sport leather, latex, and lingerie, while others opt to go shirtless or nearly nude. The anything-goes atmosphere and anonymity of the dark, crowded club allows people to freely explore their fantasies.

The main dance floor plays a mix of electronic music, from hard techno to bass-heavy house, guaranteed to get your heart racing. Additional themed areas cater to different tastes, like the "darkroom" for more intimate encounters or the "cage" where dancers perform for spectators. No matter where you end up, you're sure to work up a sweat dancing the night away.

When you need a break from the dance floor, head to one of the multiple bars for a drink or two. Prices are on par with other Berlin clubs, ranging from €3-8 per drink. If it's your first time visiting Insomnia, start slowly until you get a feel for the vibe. The club is open until the sun comes up, so pace yourself—the real fun happens in the early morning hours.

To get into Insomnia, arrive before 2 AM when the line starts to build up. The bouncers enforce a strict dress code, so make an effort to look your sexiest. Once inside, open your mind, follow the rhythm of the beats, and enjoy an unparalleled Berlin nightlife experience. Your heart might pound from a mix of excitement, sensory overload, and physical exertion, but a night at Insomnia is worth the rush.

Tresor: Underground Techno Beats in an Abandoned Power Plant

If you’re looking for Berlin’s hardest techno, you need to check out Tresor. This infamous nightclub is housed in an abandoned power plant, giving it a post-apocalyptic vibe that’s perfect for its industrial techno sound.

Tresor opened in 1991 and helped launch Berlin’s techno scene. It features some of the world’s most cutting-edge DJs and electronic music producers. The gritty space is split into two levels, with the main floor focusing on driving 4/4 techno beats and the lower level spinning more experimental sounds. No matter where you end up, you’re in for a thrilling sonic experience that will get your heart pounding along with the music.

The club is only open Thursday through Saturday, so plan your visit accordingly. Doors open at midnight and the music rages until the sun comes up and beyond, often not ending until well into the afternoon. As one would expect, the later you arrive, the more intense the vibe becomes. The devoted fanbase, flashing strobes and thumping basslines can be quite the assault on your senses, so pace yourself!

Tresor’s hardcore following and cult status mean it can attract quite the crowd, especially on weekends. Be prepared for the venue to be packed to the gills, and you may encounter a bit of a queue to get in. The good news is that the energy of the hyped up hordes only adds to the experience. If you’re looking for a low key night on the town, Tresor may be too full on. But if you want a taste of Berlin’s world-famous nightlife at its most extreme, Tresor should top your list. The memory of dancing the night away in that post-industrial playground will stay with you long after you’ve left the city behind.

Dance and Enjoy 

So there you have it, a tour through some of Berlin’s most intense and hardcore clubs. From pounding techno beats to pounding hearts and maybe, a little bit of pleasure, these venues will give you an experience you won’t soon forget.The city that birthed techno music still knows how to keep that rebellious spirit alive. So on your next trip to Berlin, make sure to check out one (or all!) of these clubs. Your ears, eyes and heart will thank you for it. Let the music move you, let go of your inhibitions and lose yourself in the moment. That’s what Berlin’s nightlife is all about. 

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