HardWerk is a film studio exploring and expanding eroticism in mainstream culture & celebrating desire without shame.

We create unique films that combine aesthetics from classical film and pop culture with hardcore sexual practices.

We celebrate kink from a place of consent and communication in order to promote healthy sexual relationships.

We also represent a diversity of bodies, sexualities, preferences and choices. This is HardWerk. Do you want to know more about us?

Why HardWerk?

HardWerk is born from a passion for both hardcore porn and cinema, and the belief that both can be conceived together (not to mention that gangbangs can be feminist and hot).

We love gangbangs! 

Gangbangs have always been understood as a group of men using a woman for sex pleasure. We reclaim gangbangs as orgies - an empowering practice based on consent and a celebration of lust. We want to explore the synergies that can flow between a diverse group of people - away from heteronormative constrictions. 

Cinematic porn 

We create unique sex group sessions, with a cinematic aesthetic, carefully chosen scenarios and original scripts in order to release porn films that are not just a compilation of sex clips, but a whole immersive experience.

Ethics and consent 

There is a misconception of porn as a way to transmit violence against women. But there is no evidence of a link between violence in films and real-world aggression.

The real fundamental causes of that violence can be factors such as sexism or racism, that must be addressed on a societal and personal level.

HardWerk gangbangs have content information that viewers can see before watching the film so they can decide if they want to watch it or not.

All the actions are chosen freely by the performers and negotiated in advance. They are fantasies and never meant to promote or even represent real-world violence. We believe that consent and communication are the basis of healthy relationships. Watching hardcore sex films can lead you to a better knowledge of yourself and improve your overall sexuality.

Hardcore and feminist 

We tend to think that feminist porn is soft, pastel, gentle. But feminism is a political movement that fights for the equality of the genders. Women can also have kinks, love hardcore sex and have dark fantasies. Sexuality is a realm of human experience and identity and women need also to be represented in porn. Pornography has the potential to liberate people of all genders from oppression, from a sex-negative society where sex is a taboo. We love to celebrate bodies, to empower sexual expression and to provide a safe space where women and everyone else can be as slutty as they feel to.

We believe porn can be part of a feminist practice to create empowered women that love to explore and enjoy their sexuality as they desire.

Tailored sex sessions

When we create a film, we plan in advance the sex sessions based on the preferences of our performers. The scenarios are conceived out of the performers desires and fantasies and they play a fundamental role in the development of the scene.

HardWerk: kinky, cinematic and feminist gangbangs

Now that you have learnt a little bit more about HardWerk’s philosophy, the next step is to discover our films.

On our website, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of sex encounters with multiple fantasies, from a sci-fi futurist gangbang to an outdoors bisexual threesome.

There is always a place for your darkest fantasies in HardWerk. Take some time to explore our catalogue and treat yourself to some high-quality kink.

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