YOGA BANG is here!

A new HardWerk film is out! Are you ready? 

Time for some namasté and asanas with the sexiest yogi: Ana B. 

On our last gangbang, you will be a spectator of a very hot yoga class with Ana B and five of our guys: Kinky Panda, Nils, Noir So, Rod Hardick and Roman Raw.

Yoga has a lot of benefits but, what if we mixed it with great hardcore sex? 

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Yoga Bang

Have you heard about the benefits of yoga? 

More flexibility

The different “asanas” (poses) are focused on different parts of our body. Practicing them often can help you to develop your flexibility. And of course, that flexibility can give you a lot of benefits like a great sexual life! 

Increases strength and muscular tone

Yoga is a great way of exercising and getting a more tonified body. Feeling stronger will be good for your health, will help you in a lot of aspects in your life and can be a good ally in kinky practices. 

A great mental health

Yoga, when practiced with good breathing control and meditation, can help you with your mental health. It can help you with stress, anxiety and to feel more connected with your body. 

A healthy heart

Yoga has a lot of cardiovascular benefits. It can help to lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension. 

But be careful! We warn you that a yoga class with Ana B can develop into high blood pressure. Check it out!  

Bye bye to arthrosis

Nothing is better than prevention. Did you know that yoga can help you with arthrosis symptoms? It does not matter if you are young, it helps your tender to be healthier and helps to relieve pain if you already are having problems. 

Good for your sex life

Yoga can help you with mental and physical issues but also with your sexual life. As you will be stronger, more flexible and relaxed, you will be able to enjoy a bunch of new positions and fantasies. You will be more resilient, being able to spend more time having sex-fun and you will feel more connected to yourself which will be able to elevate your orgasms to the next level. 

Do you need anything else to convince yourself to start yoga today? 

On the other hand, if you are feeling exercise is not for you, you can always practice passively, watching our last film YOGA BANG

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