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HardWerk Presents


Breaking new ground in the erotic landscape, the sixth episode of HardWerk's Triptychon series introduces an an all-femme cast and a bold venture into the world of bondage, redefining the boundaries of intimacy and BDSM. Guided by the bondage artist Misungui Bordelle, bangers Miss Flora and Puck Ellington push protagonist Yuli Hung to her limits while holding her in ropes and sub space. Triptychon VI unfolds as a fascinating tapestry of emotions and connections, with an intense bondage suspension followed by lustful and playful fuckery. Building on the series' signature triptych format and split-screen aesthetics, the life recorded soundtrack by resident artist Sky Deep enhances the visual spectacle, creating an immersive experience that challenges conventions and celebrates the multifaceted nature of human desire. Triptychon VI is more than just a film; it's an artistic exploration that pushes the boundaries of erotic art, showcasing the power of intimacy, connection, and the beauty found in vulnerability.

  • 45:29
  • 54 Photos
  • 21st Mar 2024

HardWerk Presents


Back for its fourth installment, HardWerk?s interview-cum-gang bang docuseries continues to probe deeper, push limits and expose even more ? as in the interview, so in the fucking ? which, as it turns out, is exactly how lead performer Freya likes it. Well, with a little oil, a lot of sweat, and an ass stuffed as full of cock as her mouth? With Freya no stranger to group sex, Berlin?s hedonistic kink culture or relinquishing control in the pursuit of pleasure, it?s in the intersection of all three, blindfolded and breathless, that the deviancy of ?dare? finds its final form ? irrevocable, brutal, blissful ? in ?truth?.

  • 1:00:05
  • 116 Photos
  • 7th Dec 2023

HardWerk Presents


Everything you need to know about HardWerk is scripted subtly, deliberately, into the opening minutes of what also happens to be the first film the team shot. The classic trope of the stranger stepping into a saloon” – in this case lead performer Gabi Gold driving into the car shop to the gawking stares of its assembled greasy gearheads – is more than just a nod to the iconic films and cult classics that have inspired their more cinematic take on the gang bang; it’s an announcement of HardWerk’s arrival in gang bang-focused porn. Playing with themes of vulnerability and empowerment – and the keyword here really is playing” – it’s a filthy and euphoric celebration of a shamelessly subversive dynamic, refreshed and reimagined, on the back of a vintage Old Timer.

  • 33:06
  • 24 Photos
  • 27th Jul 2023

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