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    Step into a vibrant world with Triptychon 7, the latest episode in the acclaimed Triptychon series. Marking the first installment of the third trilogy, this film transitions from the dark rooms into a luminous, colorful aesthetic. French performer Mina Kali leads the way, realizing her fantasy of a playful and queer setting. Alongside the charismatic talents of Lina Bembe, Delfine Dahlia, and Filthy Gami, Triptychon 7 creates a whimsical and dynamic narrative set against a backdrop of oversized, abstract fruits. The film features playful dildo scenes, abundant oral delights, and intense orgasms, bringing a sense of joy, freedom, and exuberance as this talented ensemble invites you into their fantastical world.

    • 47:12
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    • 18th Jul 2024

    Delfine Dahlia Films

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