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    Another soiree, another overly pretentious group of men caught up in their own pompous opinions, another mind-numbing conversation about silk socks? What's a girl to do to find some excitement around here? Or, in the case of HardWerk's latest tongue-in-cheek gang bang, not what but who? For lead performer Leyah Viola, taking part in her first-ever gang bang, the answer ? naturally ? is everyone. As ever, the film follows HardWerk's characteristic designed-by-desire ethos and is based on Leyah's own fantasy of being ?shared? by her partner at a party. And it?s not just the performers given space to play ? for the filmmakers, the concept allowed for an irreverent poke at a certain type of masculinity and a space where comedy, stylishness and pure sex could intersect and, ultimately, drive the action from seemingly prim to absolutely primal.

    • 47:32
    • 50 Photos
    • 16th Nov 2023

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