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    Experience the intoxicating world of HardWerk's latest film, "2BANG MARIA SANTA." Join Maria Santa, Bishop Black, and Noir So as they delve into the tantalizing depths of a techno club. In the throbbing heart of the club scene, Maria Santa, Bishop Black, and Noir So surrender to the seductive allure of the dark room. Amidst the swirling lights and pounding beats, they engage in a passionate tryst that blurs fantasy and reality. With each embrace and whispered word, they weave together a tapestry of pleasure and ecstasy, their bodies moving in perfect synchronicity to the hypnotic rhythm of the music. "2BANG MARIA SANTA" is an electrifying exploration of desire and uninhibited indulgence, set against the backdrop of a pulsating techno club. Lose yourself in the dreamy atmosphere and sensual performances as Maria Santa, Bishop Black, and Noir So ignite the screen with raw sensuality and unbridled passion.

    • 43:02
    • 28th Mar 2024

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