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HardWerk Presents


Bang Mirror is the ultimate game we will play. In a dystopian future scenario where procreation has been delegated to laboratories and people's daily lives are grey, underground gamers meet to transport themselves to a virtual reality. SEXSEXSEX is the transcendent video game where our protagonists create an avatar to play ecstatic, fantastical sex. Esluna Love, in a new cosplay attire, is joined by Peter Fire, Rod Hardick, Mr Big Fat Dick and Romeo. Every sexual achievement brings in points: blowjobs, cunnilingus, squirt, cumshots... Shot on a green screen, this film carries HardWerk's most complex and ambitious postproduction. An orgiastic feast to the eyes. Now we're playing hardcore.

  • 44:25
  • 68 Photos
  • 7th Mar 2024

HardWerk Presents


It was only a matter of time before HardWerk released a bisexual gang bang of biblical proportions, with their ?Creator?-centric approach landing the latest release ? starring Serafina Sky ? in a modern-day Eden. For the masters of sex and celluloid, the fecund fuckfest of a film is a delightfully visceral ode to forbidden fruit, carnal lust and, oh yeah, the classic porn trope of the pizza delivery guy ? that is, ascended to heavenly spheres. As this allegorical Eve answers the door again and again to a growing and enraptured throng of eager Adams, succumbing to temptation becomes about as inevitable as all the other sucking and cumming to follow. With a captivating soundtrack by xaudiox, this lush encounter teems with erotic energy, fluid group dynamics and tongue-in-cheek symbolism. A little sin has never looked ? or felt ? sweeter.

  • 51:22
  • 116 Photos
  • 22nd Feb 2024

HardWerk Presents


The second film in the second HardWerk Triptychon trilogy explores the dark aesthetics of berlin sex clubs further, bringing us to a different kind of dark room. The protagonist Muriel La Roja, who we knew as a banger on Beer & Loving with las Bangers, orchestrates her bang after the beat of her desire. Choosing a queer bangers? constellation, she is accompanied by Delfine Dahlia, Curved Marvin and Rod Hardick , the four of them melting into a passionate, sensual, deeply magical trance of touch and pleasure. Dive in this whirl of lust by the hand of Sky Deeps live recorded soundtrack. Triptychon V is the epitome of hardcore softness.

  • 40:48
  • 74 Photos
  • 8th Feb 2024

HardWerk Presents


Head down, ass up ? that?s the way we like to? downward dog? If you struggle to keep your mind from wandering in yoga class, this one?s for you ? and if you struggle to keep your hands from wandering, well, you might just have something in common with Ana B, as she takes on the role of a very ?hands-on? yoga instructor in HardWerk?s latest gang bang. Released to coincide with International Yoga Day, the cinematic smut creators redefine ?hot yoga? with a cheeky but stunningly sensual tribute to strength, flexibility, balance, and erotic endurance ? oh yeah, and tight yoga leggings. Who knew yoga was a contact sport?

  • 44:41
  • 83 Photos
  • 1st Feb 2024

HardWerk Presents

YOGA BANG hetero version

Themaking-of HardWerk series brings us behind the scenes of your favorite films, letting you get to know the performers better and showing you the works behind a HardWerk production. This time we get on set for the shooting of YOGA BANG.

  • 43:33
  • 25th Jan 2024

HardWerk Presents


Another soiree, another overly pretentious group of men caught up in their own pompous opinions, another mind-numbing conversation about silk socks? What's a girl to do to find some excitement around here? Or, in the case of HardWerk's latest tongue-in-cheek gang bang, not what but who? For lead performer Leyah Viola, taking part in her first-ever gang bang, the answer ? naturally ? is everyone. As ever, the film follows HardWerk's characteristic designed-by-desire ethos and is based on Leyah's own fantasy of being ?shared? by her partner at a party. And it?s not just the performers given space to play ? for the filmmakers, the concept allowed for an irreverent poke at a certain type of masculinity and a space where comedy, stylishness and pure sex could intersect and, ultimately, drive the action from seemingly prim to absolutely primal.

  • 47:32
  • 50 Photos
  • 16th Nov 2023

HardWerk Presents


We are led – and almost literally so, leash and all, as lead performer Kleopatra appears blindfolded onscreen – into the second installment of HardWerk’s Triptychon series by the ring of a bell, the creak of an old wooden school desk, a nervous lick of the lips and three waiting figures. Hanging in the air with it all: anticipation, intention, veneration. It’s not for nothing that the filmmakers have adopted a slower pace for this intense gangbang – there’s a meditative quality to the echoing spanks and answering whimpers, to the push and the pull, to effortless dance of desire between the four participating performers; an absolute presence of mind and an absolute presence of flesh. As with the previous Triptychon film, the composition finds its own seamless choreography across multiple perspectives, so creating stunning juxtapositions between pain and pleasure; between a hand tightened around a throat and the easy laughter in each moment of disarming tenderness; between the polish of ‘pre’ and the primal of ‘right now’…

  • 1:02:25
  • 120 Photos
  • 5th Oct 2023

HardWerk Presents


Somewhere between a hallowed altarpiece and the orgiastic frenzy of The Garden of Earthly Delights, the first film of HardWerk’s ‘Triptychon’ series pays homage to the classical triptych format with an entirely new perspective on the gang bang. With the screen split into three parts, allowing multiple perspectives in time as well as space, a new type of sensual storytelling is born with no detail missed and no moment overlooked. And the right ‘composition’ was as essential to the energy of the film as it was to the aesthetic. For the filmmakers, finding the right constellation in the cast with the right organic energy ultimately made for a film – and first gang bang for lead actress Luna Silver – that was ‘intimate and filled with laughter and joyful, playful energy’. In the tangles of limbs, the eruptions of giggles and gasps, and the clever juxtapositions of context and chronology, ‘Triptychon’ turns a four-way fantasy into a single work of erotic art.

  • 42:47
  • 72 Photos
  • 17th Aug 2023

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